G&G Combat Machine R16 Review – Taking a Close Look at the Combat Machine Airsoft Gun Series by G&G
G&G Combat Machine R16 Review – Taking a Close Look at the Combat Machine Airsoft Gun Series by G&G

With regards to airsoft weapons by and large the more you spend the more exhibition you get. That has been the situation for a long time, as of recently that is. Beneath you will peruse a G&G Combat Machine R16 survey, probably the best value for your money in the airsoft market place.This firearm costs under $200!

Why Is It So Affordable?

To hold costs down the maker has made the vast majority of the weapon from an exceptionally thick high effect nylon fiber material. This is an exceptionally impressive material and we have never figured out how to break one in testing or in a clash. There are a 6.5 prc ammo metal parts like the barrel, the RIS mounting rails and another more modest parts, but nylon fiber is the prime material.This makes the weapon extremely light, coming in at just shy of 6 lbs completely stacked with 450 Bb's.

Top notch Internals

Despite the fact that the cost is low there are no modest parts in the gearbox of this weapon. The gearbox is the standard G&G quality with steel gears, 6mm metal balls and a high force engine. With the suggested 8.4 volt battery pack this gearbox will perform immaculately and void your 450 round magazine rapidly on full auto.

Shooting Performance

How quick does it shoot? This is the part that most airsofters care the most about and for good explanation. While terminating the g&g battle machine R16 M4 you can expect terminating speeds in the scope of 330-350 FPS at around 12-14 rounds each second. This is an incredible reach for most indoor and open air fight circumstances. These not set in stone with a.2 gram BB and a 8.4 volt smaller than normal pack.

Something You Need To Be Aware Of

One speedy note about the G&G battle machine series that you should know about is that they don't accompany a battery or charger, so you should get one independently from your retailer. Contingent upon the kind you purchase this will add about $50 to the sticker price.

A Really Cool Feature In The Combat Machine Series

One exceptionally cool choice that you can purchase in this series of weapon is the after-effect form. This adds about $40 to the sticker price of the weapon however will give you a shooting bolt that cycles to and fro with each shot. This adds a lot of authenticity to your airsoft experience. Additionally it works on air and isn't driven by the engine so it won't diminish battery duration or shooting execution at all like some other electric after-effects do!

Where Can I Learn More About The G&G Combat Machine Series

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